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Ben Chandler Design is a full service creative interior design business begun in 1994 in San Francisco and now based in Los Angeles.  After years as a working fine artist, Ben decided to combine his love of the art world with his love of the interior design world, and thus Ben Chandler Design was born.  Initially, the focus was primarily on the decorative arts, in which he was voted Best Decorative Painter by SF Gate, the online wing of the San Francisco Chronicle.  After collaborating with interior designers for years, he knew it was time to expand beyond merely the decorative arts.  He spent four years working with the noted interior design firm in Los Angeles, Maison Luxe.  

Ben was raised in a contemporary cutting edge home in Los Altos Hills, CA, designed by the regionally noted architect Tad Cody.  His childhood home was, in some ways, like living in a piece of "sculpture", filled with high ceilings, plentiful light, and large expansive windows.  This unique home, filled with contemporary furnishings to match, resulted in imbuing in him an early fascination with all the things that a home is and might be. 

Ben also brings to this a unique angle different from many designers in that throughout all these years since his graduation from Occidental College, he has never stopped painting or exhibiting his paintings ( and ).  The accumulated years have given him a unique perspective on the nature and importance of the roll that art itself may play in an interior space.  He has thorough knowledge of both art history and the national contemporary art scene, and with this he can advise clients in an art consulting capacity as well.  

His experience spending decades in the art world, his love of textures and colors, the love of architecture and interior design, all combine to provide interior spaces that clients love to live and work in, places to truly call home. 

Ben Chandler Design is available for interior design, home styling, home staging, color consulting, art consulting, remodels, new construction, or simply to give your home a new breath of fresh air. 

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